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Shenzhen female teachers take the ride drops the driver was killed about car safety supervision network concerns

g of May 2nd,
a 24 year old female teachers take the ride drops,
the driver was killed on the road.
The evening of May 2nd,
a 24 year old Shenzhen female teachers on network (about the car ride back to school,
drops) on the road,
the driver in the robbery of female passengers,
after the brutal murder,
the suspect has been arrested by the police.
According to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau of Nanshan District news,
May 3rd morning,
Nanshan Public Security Bureau police station received a new victim alarm,
said his wife Zhongmou (24 years old) in the evening of May 2nd Nanshan High tech Zone on a network about the car (after verification for the fake license plate license plate) to Baoan manhole.
once again call his wife,
the phone has been shut down,
can not