chrome hearts

Not only Wang Sicong venture capital circle than you have money, but also efforts of the 10 - generation, the two generation

many inspiring stories from scratch,
and today we want to see something different.
123RF for graphic / Yang Jie for a long time,
people on the rich two generations view,
basically are car beauty,
enjoy life,
waiting for succession.
Many of the over two generation of entrepreneurs,
often lost in the father's aura.
And we gossip about these people,
we would rather call them two generations.
They are on the generation of entrepreneurs,
to create their own business,
the accumulation of wealth and assets,
but also to the starting point,
they are higher but they still did not concentrate on succession,
but they also join the business circle,
and not the same as his father founded the company,
out of a new road.
Of course,
the resources they start are more abundant than the average entrep