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World Asthma Day in the treatment of children with asthma was the taboo you made it

s the eighteenth world day of asthma,
and children have become the main cause of asthma.
Some parents think that childhood asthma to puberty naturally good,
governance does not matter,
but in fact it is not.
Experts warn that if children are not actively treated with asthma,
asthma will lose the chance of treatment,
and the rate of adult asthma is as high as 70%! In clinical practice,
many parents believe that childhood asthma to adolescence will heal,
this is the biggest misunderstanding.
Professor of respiratory medicine,
Third Military Medical University,
Wang Yan introduction,
in the course of children's growth and development,
due to changes in the immune function,
endocrine and other functions,
the ratio of natural remission is about 50% to 60%.
If you wait for the children with