chrome hearts

The biggest swindle is poor son, rich daughter

sight (DJ00123987) when the poor rich daughter her son like a pop song,
sung in many young parents in time,
I'm afraid it will be like the flu,
the child's growth and development led astray.
Born in a son of a rich family,
parents may not let him like the children of the poor,
a half-starving day.
And a daughter born in a poor family,
it is impossible to let her,
like rich people's children,
live the gold,
silver and wind to the wind,
rain to the rain of life.
In fact,
as long as we open the history of China and foreign countries,
and look at those who have great or outstanding people,
it is not the result of poor support and rich upbringing,
but upbringing! Whether it is Sima Guang or Zheng Guofan,
it has ignited a lamp of wisdom for the breeding of children in china.