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If you can listen to songs during meetings or classes, which questions and answers would you prefer?

udents who study,
reading may be the most boring thing in the world.
For a colleague at work,
taking part in some dispensable meetings may be the most boring thing in the world.
Suppose (just imagine,
in fact,
how could it be) when you are in a meeting or in class,
let you choose to listen to a song.
From the beginning of the class to the end of the class,
which one will you listen to to pass the time? We learn from MC HotDog | five hi Yue Yunpeng; Song Hong Yuan recommend you | Zhao Yingjun king told me to recommend you simply Xunshan Miss puff sleeping children songs | lullaby Hayley Westenra| Amazing Grace we recommend boats who told me to recommend you BIGBANG| Fantastic Baby XXX fantasy world we recommend Lady Gaga| Poker Face Muzi Lee chose to recommend you Jay Chou | three year two