chrome hearts

I think, because I was with children

I went home by subway as usual.
It was rush hour,
and the subway was crowded.
a fierce quarrel broke out in a carriage.
One side is a pair of young parents,
one is a pair of small lovers,
the cause is only a small matter.
Quarreling parties,
in their words greeting intolerable to the ear of each other,
even when began touching,
I saw the young parents,
the child frightened tears in his eyes.
I recall a news I saw two days ago: when a couple in Hangzhou pushed a stroller to the subway elevator,
accidentally knocked off a lady's Ipad,
and the two sides quarreled.
In the heat of the argument,
the lady overturned the couple's pram,
and the baby in the car was the couple's child! Surprisingly,
the baby stroller,
who had just undergone caesarean section three months