chrome hearts

He cut a small hole in the watermelon and put it in. A few minutes later, a pleasant surprise appeared...

he create China small free subscription health platform for the most professional interactive micro signal: tuhaojin186 and ahead of the season to eat watermelon,
watermelon eating can heat Jieshu irritability,
thirst Sheng Jin,
a natural white tiger soup .
Folk proverbs in our country say: eat watermelon in summer,
do not catch the medicine.
Eat watermelon,
not only can solve the heat,
can also add moisture Oh ~ summer will eat watermelon,
but ate so many watermelons,
want to change a new way of eating? The demonstration of this netizen is very good,
come to learn.
1 cut a small hole in the watermelon,
2 hand in the blender into the mixing,
if you want to eat the flesh,
playing time can be a little shorter,
in short,
can be randomly controlled.
3 put in a disposable cup,
in ord