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Don't want to be a designer is not a good designer chowhound

iaison QQ:1965667710 source: Pu like industrial design station (ID:iamdesign) (authorized release) Tokyo - Japan team fries is a fierce online shopping website,
specializes in some interesting and lovely grocery.
From product planning to packaging production,
the unique design concept.
Because too popular,
in 2010 the company in Tokyo District West Arakawa nippori opened the store.
This company is always able to seemingly ordinary things in life,
a variety of surprising forms of food,
so the designers chowhound attributes exposed.
Now follow the pace of small Bian,
take a look at these genuine flowers,
let people appetite open products.
The food bookmark,
launched on the eve of April Fool's day,
looks as if it can smell the scent of the wind.
It looks very realistic,
but will anyone read