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Cook says the new iPhone7 feature makes it impossible for you to refuse

ut of the 13 years of the worst performance,
but Cook's mood was not so affected,
in his view,
apple lost performance will come back in a new generation of iPhone,
and the outside world are looking forward to it.
While attending CNBC's Mad Money program,
Cook revealed some information about the new generation of iPhone,
which sounded great.
Cook stressed that Apple has not stopped innovation,
for the new generation of iPhone,
he said that this product will have some people can not live without function,
so you can not refuse.
At the same time,
the mobile phone itself is also very attractive (such as stunning appearance and so on),
enough to let the old iPhone users to switch to.
PS: sounds good have the impulse to buy.
in addition,
Cook also admit,
apple is still making some people more