chrome hearts

Why, Kuafu

ic of the Great Wilderness overseas North such a story recorded by: Kuafu chase the sun,
into the day; thirsty,
want to drink,
drink from the river,
Wei River,
North Wei; lack of drink daze.
Before the arrival of Tao thirst.
Cast away his staff and transform it into Deng Lin.
The basic plot Chinese in pursuit of the sun all know,
but thought not,
why should he tell? There is a saying that one year the weather is so hot that the crops are scorched,
the trees scorched and the rivers dried up.
It was unbearable heat,
Kua Fu family who have died.
Our hero,
Kuafu tribe leader is ready to catch the sun and let it listen to the words of the people.
In fairy tales,
the sun is thought to have been carried by the golden three legged raven,
flying about in the sky.
the action began kuafu.