chrome hearts

The style of silk stockings has nothing to do with temperament

in this season is the most common and most practical fashion single product,
as if each girl has so few pairs of black silk,
only wait for the temperature is appropriate,
it is necessary to go to the legs.
There is a wonder called stockings all over the city.
Lots of funny scenes in guys' minds,
but you know what? In fact,
men wear it earlier than women.
As early as the sixteenth Century,
the French courts and upper social forces wore silk stockings mainly for men.
In World War II,
nylon stockings,
the dream of 2/3 American women,
were invented by the DuPont Co in 1930s.
In the 60s of the last century,
miniskirts were in vogue,
and pantyhose were born.
It's more comfortable to wear without the shackles of a sling.
2016 fashion week,
the major brands are basking in sexy stockings.