chrome hearts

The purple cow opens the road first, develops the spring spirit sister to also have approximately YC two big former partners, Silicon Valley first place, angel investor, you come?

lley venture capitalist circles saying: incubator only two kinds,
YC and other.
Purple cattle business camp is the benchmark YC.
Referring to YC,
what did purple cattle do? Two things: first,
watch the project crazily.
An average of more than 200 BP a day,
see more than 50 entrepreneurs.
Talk to each entrepreneur patiently,
understand them,
invest in them,
help them.
With awe,
NISSEI inch in.
Over the past eight months,
purple cattle have thrown more than 30 projects.
go all out to guide entrepreneurs.
Three months,
closed incubation.
Fu Sheng,
Zhang Quanling,
Yao Jinbo,
Li Xueling,
Luo Zhenyu,
Zhang Ying,
6 teachers share the first line of experience,
industry insights and all connections in front of the purple cattle.
Without reservation,
to teach.
Most of the project