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The 8 lipstick best suited for mom is recommended for good use and good buys

IAMINRED lipstick control to pay attention to our Author: small fish main & M each year on the second Sunday of May is mother's Day! Count down for 5 days! Have all the gifts for lipstick control been selected? Please mother adult,
can not neglect! As a serious obsession with lipstick,
today we are responsible for recommending some lipstick for mom.
The biggest difference between this recommendation and the past is that you can buy it at home! Recommended brands are the domestic counter yo ~ haven't bought gifts soon moved a small bench to see if there is no suitable! For mother's lipstick LIST you 1.
ESTEE LAUDER series #420 (cousin admiration color) 2.
YSL #207 3.
Tom Ford #Casablanca square Clarinet (similar color No.
#Negligee) 4.
Chanel #216 5.
Givenchy capillary tube lipstick