chrome hearts

Pain and happiness, he lost only for Leicester

egend: a city of Leicester fans,
pain and happiness with Gary Lineker in the studio head buried in the arms,
making a strange sobbing,
his face was covered with a smile of joy,
tears across the hard face,
this is a pure Leicester City fans heart reflection -- pain and happiness.
Wait for a championship every day is suffering,
blue fox fans April mood with every Leicester city match ups and downs,
like the comic book Rangers (Roy of the Rovers Roy) plot.
This time last year,
Leicester city has also struggled in the Premier League at the end,
with the relegation team kill fight at outrance,
only 7 points above the relegation zone.
The rings of time rolled a circle,
and now Leicester stands at the top of the premier league.
Over the past 20 years,
the premier stage like a mahjong table,
4 t