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Kaine was upset about Chelsea's celebration of the slot as if they had won the title

t Chelsea,
celebrating the thirty-sixth round of the Premier League competition,
Chelsea home 2-2 draw with Spurs,
after the game,
Chelsea players very excited,
warm celebration.
This scene was the Spurs star Harry - Kaine Tucao,
while Kaine also expressed their congratulations on the Leicester city won the League championship.
In the game against Spurs this morning,
Chelsea was 0-2 behind,
relying on 2 goals from Cahill and Zal to tie the score,
and finally tied 2-2 with tottenham.
After the final whistle,
the Chelsea players were excited to celebrate.
Chelsea felt very difficult game players,
the team behind the 2 ball to tie it,
so began to celebrate.
But in Kaine's eyes,
that's not the case.
He said: Chelsea was the League champion last season,
and I was surprised that a draw