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Improvisation workshop of friendship with the boat waves Shu 54 Wednesday in Ciqikou

is a delicious to eat when thinking about the other photographed hair he said I have to give you a little push the chest abdomen called friendship all round you dream assists loaded to force there is a friendship that accompany me to go to the canteen! Not go! It's my treat! Go! There is a friendship that you see 2 people can become your friends with you 2 people can become your bestie than you 2 people to become your friends this Wednesday with TA with passers-by improvisation workshop friendship boat with waves and cherish you as funny than people,
friendship boat you can ride the wind and waves into the ship! A | improvisation improvisational actor: no script,
standing on the stage with the audience to advice,
suggestions and then according to certain rules of the game,
show a long