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Iced sparkling wine, French dessert, afternoon tea, 57 Saturday, Dongsishitiao

the temperature rising gradually,
a cup of iced hot feeling is the most enjoyable party as a foaming body lying atmosphere of the king,
you have to drink frequently don't look down upon it,
kind of sparkling wine is also very complicated! Wine salon sparkling wine special - second bombs!! More sparkling wine,
more interesting flavors,
iced sparkling wine,
French dessert,
afternoon tea,
what's more,
come on,
have a drink! A | sparkling wine sparkling wine: the sparkling wine,
professional interpretation is at 20 DEG C,
carbon dioxide pressure greater than 1 bar Wine.
Popularly speaking,
is the liquor which can take bubbles.
Sparkling wine is a kind of wine which is rich in carbon dioxide and suitable for all kinds of festive occasions.
Sparkling wine is a aperitif in Europe.
It should be ch