chrome hearts

Girlfriends are not derogatory words, a lipstick is the final word

d bestie together out of the street to play,
what kind of Chunzhuang most match? Of course not the same color! Two individuals of the same color,
a look that is bimei! Either a person reduced to foil,
or two people all reduced to the background! Girlfriends are never equal in principle.
What kind of twins do two adult women play? It is precisely because we have differences in personality,
the collision of ideas,
but no respect for each other without reservation,
we can deduce a period of life can be expected to deep friendship.
And jump in the lips of those two different colors,
that is,
between girlfriends,
seek common ground while reserving differences.
I love you because two good bestie we do not like the bankruptcy sisters is our right to demonstrate good how should never capsize