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Facebook is no longer just a social networking site

e the movie social network was released in 2010,
Facebook has become synonymous with social networking.
The startup,
founded by Mark Zuckerberg,
snatched the title from MySpace in 2008,
and since then,
Facebook's leadership in social networking has been unquestioned.
foreign media reported that there are indications that Facebook has a splendid top.
Not as a media platform,
or as a place for people to surf online,
not as a company,
of course,
but as a real social network,
Facebook may begin to decline.
It is important to make it clear that people are still using Facebook as often as they used to.
According to the latest statistics,
Facebook has 1 billion 600 million active users,
more than 1 billion of whom log in every day,
but fewer and fewer users regard it as a social platform.