chrome hearts

Ampquot, the most beautiful Ampquot girl in the whole universe, what a beautiful girl she is!

ted on herself: it used to be the most beautiful in the world,
and now it is the most beautiful in the whole universe.
- net friend comments - Anne Nini's little backyard: besides me,
does anyone think she's better than before? Rainbow-LiLee: I think the girls in pursuit of beauty is not what is wrong,
but more and more morbid beautiful to change there is a problem,
the key is not her blindly want to become beautiful,
but in this process has not been given her flesh respect parents,
this is a sad handsome Oh Da: I think this girl very funny the cosmetic is its own thing and not say forced to marry you as wife,
what a good mind? Ordinary people will only make pleasant choices in natural beauty and artificial beauty,
but how do you choose in natural ugliness and artificial beauty? Mo