chrome hearts

A video opens the door to a new world, grasping the doll, there are such skills can definitely bankrupt the boss

all kinds of grasping dolls God cellular dispatched before Xiamen a guy caught half more than 3000 dolls,
see the girl who wants to find it full of excitement.
call a boyfriend.
After we have a handsome boy in Zhuji,
Zhao Sheng,
4 months caught more than 1000 dolls,
but also set up a Zhuji warm clip Doll group.
But today,
micro-blog suddenly appeared a real grasping doll,
great god! First look at a video: the real secret is: back and forth,
left and right,
and then get the claws of the forced,
and then start.
User comments: cicada long: see out some doorways,
it is important to catch before throwing claws,
he will throw a few times each time,
should be able to improve the force of what.
In the south side: I feel I want to be rich,
ah ha ha ha sponge iiii:get to grab the doll skills