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McDonald's coupon expires until May 10th, the national general

id until May 10th; please show the electronic coupons available directly to the point of the meal,
or offer coupons left corner number (such as A1); the McDonald's general transportation hub (airport,
scenic spots and other special restaurants can not use coupons; attention mom what is the use? 0 yuan to see the movie,
free to eat McDonald's,
KFC also be nothing difficult cash envelopes,
free traffic charges to watch you hesitate? Long press the following picture,
do not miss each discount,
click on the original text,
and receive more red packets of McDonald's!

Not only Wang Sicong venture capital circle than you have money, but also efforts of the 10 - generation, the two generation

many inspiring stories from scratch,
and today we want to see something different.
123RF for graphic / Yang Jie for a long time,
people on the rich two generations view,
basically are car beauty,
enjoy life,
waiting for succession.
Many of the over two generation of entrepreneurs,
often lost in the father's aura.
And we gossip about these people,
we would rather call them two generations.
They are on the generation of entrepreneurs,
to create their own business,
the accumulation of wealth and assets,
but also to the starting point,
they are higher but they still did not concentrate on succession,
but they also join the business circle,
and not the same as his father founded the company,
out of a new road.
Of course,
the resources they start are more abundant than the average entrep

The beauty of these goddess values at the peak of the works inventory

of seven black long straight and big brother may transform the wild boar,
long haired woman now Different people,
different views.
good Erika Toda fraud game or buns now too skinny Masami Nagasawa tears when crying,
in fact,
is really beautiful and a machine gun in sailor suit is also good,
there are also other aging meganekko Kumiko Asou police double ponytail adorable.
Water Sichuan sister Nodame Cantabile long face beauty,
this figure is too beautiful face ~ milk.
See this movie at the time when the robot girlfriend feel her beauty like dolls,
shouting love & white night is big love Meisa Kuroki new participants think her temperament of the love confession confession that bridge the second i.
I felt this girl uniform with the hair beauty turned Takako Matsu love when young century

Fan Shengmei is happy in the city than in the lowest index of joy

the May Day holiday has been second working days.
Xiao Bian has also been immersed in the story of Ode to joy.
What number did you catch up with? These two days,
the plot began to develop to the peak state! Each of them has an unknown story,
but they can't tell them what they want.
They are probably strong for too long.
a strong woman with high IQ and emotional intelligence,
needs to be improved.
In this life that everybody envies,
but has the sad childhood.
The shadow of childhood has so far affected.
Xiao Xiao Qu white Formica,
from a wealthy family of love,
in the face of all things is a big character.
And Zhao doctor's love picture,
a little crisp people.
Guan Guan,
gentle and soft,
female image.
Silent efforts,
a little timid,
occasionally confused.
Have a quiet life,

Don't buy anymore

gh quality of life knowledge (ID:gzlshzs) has authorized the wardrobe is home essential furniture of today Xiaobian share only some partitions and cabinets built into the wardrobe without the door remained both practical and beautiful in one take a look at it may be for your wardrobe after help Oh see some can see is the basic locker with partition or drawer cabinet combination do not need to take the door if you can press clothes color division must be beautiful and tidy in love this beautiful the way you can refer to some of the furniture store display may have more beautiful ideas,
such as the United States and the United States.
Perhaps collocation as long as the side of the wall can display very characteristic Oh if you think about,
A curtain can fix is not the feeling of space style

Shenzhen female teachers take the ride drops the driver was killed about car safety supervision network concerns

g of May 2nd,
a 24 year old female teachers take the ride drops,
the driver was killed on the road.
The evening of May 2nd,
a 24 year old Shenzhen female teachers on network (about the car ride back to school,
drops) on the road,
the driver in the robbery of female passengers,
after the brutal murder,
the suspect has been arrested by the police.
According to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau of Nanshan District news,
May 3rd morning,
Nanshan Public Security Bureau police station received a new victim alarm,
said his wife Zhongmou (24 years old) in the evening of May 2nd Nanshan High tech Zone on a network about the car (after verification for the fake license plate license plate) to Baoan manhole.
once again call his wife,
the phone has been shut down,
can not

Don't want to be a designer is not a good designer chowhound

iaison QQ:1965667710 source: Pu like industrial design station (ID:iamdesign) (authorized release) Tokyo - Japan team fries is a fierce online shopping website,
specializes in some interesting and lovely grocery.
From product planning to packaging production,
the unique design concept.
Because too popular,
in 2010 the company in Tokyo District West Arakawa nippori opened the store.
This company is always able to seemingly ordinary things in life,
a variety of surprising forms of food,
so the designers chowhound attributes exposed.
Now follow the pace of small Bian,
take a look at these genuine flowers,
let people appetite open products.
The food bookmark,
launched on the eve of April Fool's day,
looks as if it can smell the scent of the wind.
It looks very realistic,
but will anyone read

I dare not rest because I have no savings

uth inspirational network I dare not rest because I am no deposit I dare not say tired because I have no achievement I dare not lazy than me because cattle people are still trying to give up my choice but I never give up even if you exclude the current unpleasant time will not be too slowly to not lose my temper who do not owe you learn low-key,
there will be trade-offs between gains and losses do not pay too much attention to learn practical and pragmatic the harder the more luck in the world does not have a work hard without a personnel is not complicated so strong is my only choice strong heart,
life will be full of confidence and I don't envy other people's income because I know he's day and night don't envy others hard go free I know he had to pay for the price of freedom is not the e

The biggest swindle is poor son, rich daughter

sight (DJ00123987) when the poor rich daughter her son like a pop song,
sung in many young parents in time,
I'm afraid it will be like the flu,
the child's growth and development led astray.
Born in a son of a rich family,
parents may not let him like the children of the poor,
a half-starving day.
And a daughter born in a poor family,
it is impossible to let her,
like rich people's children,
live the gold,
silver and wind to the wind,
rain to the rain of life.
In fact,
as long as we open the history of China and foreign countries,
and look at those who have great or outstanding people,
it is not the result of poor support and rich upbringing,
but upbringing! Whether it is Sima Guang or Zheng Guofan,
it has ignited a lamp of wisdom for the breeding of children in china.

I think, because I was with children

I went home by subway as usual.
It was rush hour,
and the subway was crowded.
a fierce quarrel broke out in a carriage.
One side is a pair of young parents,
one is a pair of small lovers,
the cause is only a small matter.
Quarreling parties,
in their words greeting intolerable to the ear of each other,
even when began touching,
I saw the young parents,
the child frightened tears in his eyes.
I recall a news I saw two days ago: when a couple in Hangzhou pushed a stroller to the subway elevator,
accidentally knocked off a lady's Ipad,
and the two sides quarreled.
In the heat of the argument,
the lady overturned the couple's pram,
and the baby in the car was the couple's child! Surprisingly,
the baby stroller,
who had just undergone caesarean section three months

The last day of the prime minister replied by Tsinghua people tomorrow night to share small passenger train secret

e 1110th share of WeChat,
a junior business school,
under the headline junior business school.
Junior business school invites a professional who has experience in international education and innovative practice for young people every week to open an open form of live video.
Open class for the to participate in so many practical activities,
the children can graduate from school: a Chinese American mother's feelings.
Junior College of international education,
open class eighteenth guests Li Yin Li Yin,
green orange hit off CEO,
a Tsinghua University education founder and executive director of customer education laboratory,
dedicated to the design thinking and Research on creative education integration,
put forward the hero's journey innovative teaching mode.
Young and promising,
he is

World Asthma Day in the treatment of children with asthma was the taboo you made it

s the eighteenth world day of asthma,
and children have become the main cause of asthma.
Some parents think that childhood asthma to puberty naturally good,
governance does not matter,
but in fact it is not.
Experts warn that if children are not actively treated with asthma,
asthma will lose the chance of treatment,
and the rate of adult asthma is as high as 70%! In clinical practice,
many parents believe that childhood asthma to adolescence will heal,
this is the biggest misunderstanding.
Professor of respiratory medicine,
Third Military Medical University,
Wang Yan introduction,
in the course of children's growth and development,
due to changes in the immune function,
endocrine and other functions,
the ratio of natural remission is about 50% to 60%.
If you wait for the children with

Cook says the new iPhone7 feature makes it impossible for you to refuse

ut of the 13 years of the worst performance,
but Cook's mood was not so affected,
in his view,
apple lost performance will come back in a new generation of iPhone,
and the outside world are looking forward to it.
While attending CNBC's Mad Money program,
Cook revealed some information about the new generation of iPhone,
which sounded great.
Cook stressed that Apple has not stopped innovation,
for the new generation of iPhone,
he said that this product will have some people can not live without function,
so you can not refuse.
At the same time,
the mobile phone itself is also very attractive (such as stunning appearance and so on),
enough to let the old iPhone users to switch to.
PS: sounds good have the impulse to buy.
in addition,
Cook also admit,
apple is still making some people more

The beauty reveals the season of the thigh, and the white and tender girl is so horny

ng hotter and hotter.
I'm sure you'll wear a skirt and a short sleeve.
But have you noticed that your elbows and knees are dead? Is your skin smooth enough? Is your skin delicate enough? You have to remember all of what COCO told you today.
Summer is coming.
Your arms are still so rough.
Is it still awkward to have a black knee? That's not OK.
All you have to do is go! Angle! Quality! These body exfoliating,
these you have to firmly remember.
The strongest effect if you scrub to the stratum corneum were very thick and very rough words (such as elbows,
exfoliating scrub choice is better,
the general sea salt or mixture of plants and other coarse particles are suitable for textured body scrub.
Gel effect is mild,
if your skin is sensitive and easy to turn red,
it is recommended that

If you can listen to songs during meetings or classes, which questions and answers would you prefer?

udents who study,
reading may be the most boring thing in the world.
For a colleague at work,
taking part in some dispensable meetings may be the most boring thing in the world.
Suppose (just imagine,
in fact,
how could it be) when you are in a meeting or in class,
let you choose to listen to a song.
From the beginning of the class to the end of the class,
which one will you listen to to pass the time? We learn from MC HotDog | five hi Yue Yunpeng; Song Hong Yuan recommend you | Zhao Yingjun king told me to recommend you simply Xunshan Miss puff sleeping children songs | lullaby Hayley Westenra| Amazing Grace we recommend boats who told me to recommend you BIGBANG| Fantastic Baby XXX fantasy world we recommend Lady Gaga| Poker Face Muzi Lee chose to recommend you Jay Chou | three year two

He cut a small hole in the watermelon and put it in. A few minutes later, a pleasant surprise appeared...

he create China small free subscription health platform for the most professional interactive micro signal: tuhaojin186 and ahead of the season to eat watermelon,
watermelon eating can heat Jieshu irritability,
thirst Sheng Jin,
a natural white tiger soup .
Folk proverbs in our country say: eat watermelon in summer,
do not catch the medicine.
Eat watermelon,
not only can solve the heat,
can also add moisture Oh ~ summer will eat watermelon,
but ate so many watermelons,
want to change a new way of eating? The demonstration of this netizen is very good,
come to learn.
1 cut a small hole in the watermelon,
2 hand in the blender into the mixing,
if you want to eat the flesh,
playing time can be a little shorter,
in short,
can be randomly controlled.
3 put in a disposable cup,
in ord

The 8 lipstick best suited for mom is recommended for good use and good buys

IAMINRED lipstick control to pay attention to our Author: small fish main & M each year on the second Sunday of May is mother's Day! Count down for 5 days! Have all the gifts for lipstick control been selected? Please mother adult,
can not neglect! As a serious obsession with lipstick,
today we are responsible for recommending some lipstick for mom.
The biggest difference between this recommendation and the past is that you can buy it at home! Recommended brands are the domestic counter yo ~ haven't bought gifts soon moved a small bench to see if there is no suitable! For mother's lipstick LIST you 1.
ESTEE LAUDER series #420 (cousin admiration color) 2.
YSL #207 3.
Tom Ford #Casablanca square Clarinet (similar color No.
#Negligee) 4.
Chanel #216 5.
Givenchy capillary tube lipstick

Crowd around May how to seize the rebound opportunity

t line technology [old music (say stock)] teachers think there is a rebound opportunity in May! Even if the adjustment continues,
the second half will also have a rebound chance of shock.
Want to seize the opportunity,
immediately pay attention to [old music (say stock)] teacher's dynamic bar! [old music (say stock)] teacher is gold blog name Bo,
gold VIP circle Lord,
old music five line balance theory creator.
Skilled at technical analysis,
adhere to a prudent style of operation,
to sustained and stable profitability for the purpose.
The teacher also received the 2015 fourth Sina contest: [] Master investment limit first; 2014 third Sina investment contest: [first] robust ranking teacher is able to achieve such good results,
mainly due to his good short-term buying stocks,

The circle of people who meet the metrosexual man car of the future black Technology

apid development of science and technology,
the technological innovation of the automobile industry is changing with each passing day.
Among them,
the nature of black science and technology.
Black technology,
originally means the non human self development,
over man existing scientific knowledge,
extended to the existing system of human knowledge to understand the curious things,
is also used to describe the reality of some unusual things.
A new generation of male metrosexual man,
they have the tide of fashion taste,
super personal independence of conduct acceptance,
and interested in new things particularly strong.
When the car is black in the pursuit of excellence in science and technology metrosexual man brain hole wide open,
they will be on what at first sight? The car

Girlfriends are not derogatory words, a lipstick is the final word

d bestie together out of the street to play,
what kind of Chunzhuang most match? Of course not the same color! Two individuals of the same color,
a look that is bimei! Either a person reduced to foil,
or two people all reduced to the background! Girlfriends are never equal in principle.
What kind of twins do two adult women play? It is precisely because we have differences in personality,
the collision of ideas,
but no respect for each other without reservation,
we can deduce a period of life can be expected to deep friendship.
And jump in the lips of those two different colors,
that is,
between girlfriends,
seek common ground while reserving differences.
I love you because two good bestie we do not like the bankruptcy sisters is our right to demonstrate good how should never capsize

Many traders thought Xiongwen subversion

we made WeChat search engine,
answer key words to read relevant articles.
Now opened variety series,
financial series,
character series,
trading series,
weekend series.
Quickly reply to directory to get it ~ the rest will be introduced and updated in real time,
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industry experience.
Source: stock futures investment net the biggest lucky thing in

Twelve constellation Aquarius horoscope for May 4th Gemini Leo fling list

ength of the people,
will have the inner light,
attract people to find,
can not do not show off in extraterrestrial drums.
Show will only cover up the real light,
show will attract a moment,
get superficial affirmation,
show off will only make people lose the pursuit of real ability perseverance.
Click here to read more for twelve sign this week twelve constellation fortune this month this month,
there are 3 key dates 7,
remember Oh ~ Riyun attention! In addition,
many friends read their horoscope to quit,
but in fact,
there are astronomical changes behind the daily fortune analysis,
but also very important! Aries sheep are in a state of resurrection,
and despite the lack of blood,
today's enthusiasm and visibility have increased,
especially i

article about Above and Below will help you understand the game briefly.
We still bring a review of the Beijing heat assessment group to see how many of the players who have participated in the game have said something.
As the saying goes,
there are one thousand Hamlett in the eyes of one thousand readers.
In this review,
we collected relatively polarized evaluations.
To tell you the truth,
it's cool! The game experience,
tastes and other aspects of the player,
will affect the evaluation of a game,
hear different voices,
in a sense,
you can see the game of the whole picture.
Which one do you agree with? May wish to experience a ~ game name: Above and Below Designer: Ryan Laukat art design: Ryan Laukat: Red Raven Games dV,
press Giochi,
Schwerkraft-Verlag published: 2015

Why, Kuafu

ic of the Great Wilderness overseas North such a story recorded by: Kuafu chase the sun,
into the day; thirsty,
want to drink,
drink from the river,
Wei River,
North Wei; lack of drink daze.
Before the arrival of Tao thirst.
Cast away his staff and transform it into Deng Lin.
The basic plot Chinese in pursuit of the sun all know,
but thought not,
why should he tell? There is a saying that one year the weather is so hot that the crops are scorched,
the trees scorched and the rivers dried up.
It was unbearable heat,
Kua Fu family who have died.
Our hero,
Kuafu tribe leader is ready to catch the sun and let it listen to the words of the people.
In fairy tales,
the sun is thought to have been carried by the golden three legged raven,
flying about in the sky.
the action began kuafu.

Ampquot, the most beautiful Ampquot girl in the whole universe, what a beautiful girl she is!

ted on herself: it used to be the most beautiful in the world,
and now it is the most beautiful in the whole universe.
- net friend comments - Anne Nini's little backyard: besides me,
does anyone think she's better than before? Rainbow-LiLee: I think the girls in pursuit of beauty is not what is wrong,
but more and more morbid beautiful to change there is a problem,
the key is not her blindly want to become beautiful,
but in this process has not been given her flesh respect parents,
this is a sad handsome Oh Da: I think this girl very funny the cosmetic is its own thing and not say forced to marry you as wife,
what a good mind? Ordinary people will only make pleasant choices in natural beauty and artificial beauty,
but how do you choose in natural ugliness and artificial beauty? Mo

Funny ha intelligent motorcycle iTank appearance, build demand x capital x product formula

funny technology in Beijing film director center held iTank intelligent motorcycle conference,
many big brothers gathered at the scene,
turned funny knight.
Li Guande,
founder of the hi tech field multi dimensional demonstration iTank intelligent locomotive,
it is said to change the way Chinese people travel,
ha ha emboldened,
where come from? Accurate entry into the market demand is the foundation,
to some extent,
the market demand base determines whether the industry can go out of the great company.
In the past few years,
every project that needs financing will always say how big the market is and how big it can be.
Massive mass demand,
there is a great possibility,
spawned a new miracle of the Internet industry,
and so on is one of the models.
At the moment,
China's tra

How do you spend half a day visiting 20 of the most exclusive galleries in Hongkong?

to go somewhere special on the weekend to kill time,
or you might want to find some Hongkong other than Disney and buy and buy,
so don't miss it.
! There is not even a decent Museum of art in the city of Hongkong,
and the M+ Museum of contemporary art is estimated to have to wait half a lifetime,
which is very strange.
But Hongkong is also one of the world's largest art market,
total sales in Hongkong,
Sotheby's London as Christie's second only to New York,
Hongkong stock market,
enterprises are not native to Hongkong,
but here is the overflow effect of this transaction,
Hongkong has a very large number of features of the gallery.
These galleries seem to be different galleries of a museum,
scattered in every corner of the city,
and their functions are similar to the dock where goods are p

The purple cow opens the road first, develops the spring spirit sister to also have approximately YC two big former partners, Silicon Valley first place, angel investor, you come?

lley venture capitalist circles saying: incubator only two kinds,
YC and other.
Purple cattle business camp is the benchmark YC.
Referring to YC,
what did purple cattle do? Two things: first,
watch the project crazily.
An average of more than 200 BP a day,
see more than 50 entrepreneurs.
Talk to each entrepreneur patiently,
understand them,
invest in them,
help them.
With awe,
NISSEI inch in.
Over the past eight months,
purple cattle have thrown more than 30 projects.
go all out to guide entrepreneurs.
Three months,
closed incubation.
Fu Sheng,
Zhang Quanling,
Yao Jinbo,
Li Xueling,
Luo Zhenyu,
Zhang Ying,
6 teachers share the first line of experience,
industry insights and all connections in front of the purple cattle.
Without reservation,
to teach.
Most of the project

What's the advantage of finding a boyfriend who can take pictures?

the number of public sources of raw images [outdoor]: xyhwclub (long press copy added) authorized reprint,
pay attention to obtain volunteer travel &amp internship opportunities,
travel travel; the latest information,
for reprint contact with the original public no.
A picture is probably not a boyfriend,
every minute of life in black you,
obviously should be a beautiful goddess of travel,
the pictures are hand piece of life,
many girls should have deep feeling although I don't envy the red net,
but I envy a red travel photographer boyfriend.
Almost every second like living in a magazine.
& Kong Wei once,
because this group of # Kong Wei and garden # graduation photo,
they suddenly burst of red network,
photo text happy,
micro-blog was crazy turn

Iraq has been recruited in example magazinewhich you.

ew Ruili example of her fashion her sisters already see in the column of Ruili strong incoming Iraqi fashion May Spanless Ruili May high quality skin care fashion person Ruili May good Iraqi fashion hot mom they all say Ruili is an example of Iraqis to recruit Iraqi wind here have a lot of opportunities for cooperation with the first big magazine layout opportunity does not regularly surprise gifts become Ruili fashion example of Iraqis Iraqis,
we set out together! What are you hesitating about? Come on! Click here to download the application form and fill in the application form and send to yirenfengshangeditor01@bodasunshine.
com which has become the example of her welfare? Brand: brand cooperation cooperation enjoy priority rights magazine recommended or show: Ruili fashion m

Futures firm offer, every retail investor has a sparkling red star in his heart

we made WeChat search engine,
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Show and show futures trading futures trading is a professional

A video opens the door to a new world, grasping the doll, there are such skills can definitely bankrupt the boss

all kinds of grasping dolls God cellular dispatched before Xiamen a guy caught half more than 3000 dolls,
see the girl who wants to find it full of excitement.
call a boyfriend.
After we have a handsome boy in Zhuji,
Zhao Sheng,
4 months caught more than 1000 dolls,
but also set up a Zhuji warm clip Doll group.
But today,
micro-blog suddenly appeared a real grasping doll,
great god! First look at a video: the real secret is: back and forth,
left and right,
and then get the claws of the forced,
and then start.
User comments: cicada long: see out some doorways,
it is important to catch before throwing claws,
he will throw a few times each time,
should be able to improve the force of what.
In the south side: I feel I want to be rich,
ah ha ha ha sponge iiii:get to grab the doll skills

The style of silk stockings has nothing to do with temperament

in this season is the most common and most practical fashion single product,
as if each girl has so few pairs of black silk,
only wait for the temperature is appropriate,
it is necessary to go to the legs.
There is a wonder called stockings all over the city.
Lots of funny scenes in guys' minds,
but you know what? In fact,
men wear it earlier than women.
As early as the sixteenth Century,
the French courts and upper social forces wore silk stockings mainly for men.
In World War II,
nylon stockings,
the dream of 2/3 American women,
were invented by the DuPont Co in 1930s.
In the 60s of the last century,
miniskirts were in vogue,
and pantyhose were born.
It's more comfortable to wear without the shackles of a sling.
2016 fashion week,
the major brands are basking in sexy stockings.

Zero foundation guitar introduction turns out to be a literary youth so simple on Sunday, 58, Lama Temple

ill complaining that nobody is spending your spare time with you this weekend? Come on ~ with friends who share your music,
your melody to meet a group of like-minded friends; there are professional teachers in guidance; round you a dream play; the teacher personally teach you,
give you the beat chords,
piano accompaniment to sing you ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ OK?! A | guitar guitar neck is relatively small,
to pull 42mm wide,
from the string pillow to body 14 character,
a guard board is a crescent shaped case,
the use of wire strings.
The most populist members of the guitar family.
Referring to the board by the string pillow to the instrument handle and the piano box combining character is 14,
it is narrow,
the use of steel strings,
harp tail straps nail,
the panel generally shield,
fingernail or a plect

Improvisation workshop of friendship with the boat waves Shu 54 Wednesday in Ciqikou

is a delicious to eat when thinking about the other photographed hair he said I have to give you a little push the chest abdomen called friendship all round you dream assists loaded to force there is a friendship that accompany me to go to the canteen! Not go! It's my treat! Go! There is a friendship that you see 2 people can become your friends with you 2 people can become your bestie than you 2 people to become your friends this Wednesday with TA with passers-by improvisation workshop friendship boat with waves and cherish you as funny than people,
friendship boat you can ride the wind and waves into the ship! A | improvisation improvisational actor: no script,
standing on the stage with the audience to advice,
suggestions and then according to certain rules of the game,
show a long

Iced sparkling wine, French dessert, afternoon tea, 57 Saturday, Dongsishitiao

the temperature rising gradually,
a cup of iced hot feeling is the most enjoyable party as a foaming body lying atmosphere of the king,
you have to drink frequently don't look down upon it,
kind of sparkling wine is also very complicated! Wine salon sparkling wine special - second bombs!! More sparkling wine,
more interesting flavors,
iced sparkling wine,
French dessert,
afternoon tea,
what's more,
come on,
have a drink! A | sparkling wine sparkling wine: the sparkling wine,
professional interpretation is at 20 DEG C,
carbon dioxide pressure greater than 1 bar Wine.
Popularly speaking,
is the liquor which can take bubbles.
Sparkling wine is a kind of wine which is rich in carbon dioxide and suitable for all kinds of festive occasions.
Sparkling wine is a aperitif in Europe.
It should be ch

The Australian chocolate net red finally sweet Empire to walk the road

nner is a chocolate themed restaurant.
Boss Max Brenner is an Israeli tyrant,
and its chain stores throughout Australia,
the United States,
Singapore and other countries,
but 38 of its more than 50 stores in australia.
As a result,
it has become Australia's iconic chocolate dessert shop.
(photo source: Beijing xindian010,
Beijing new chowhound squad BJCHIHUO) chocolate circle net red into the Empire the world's largest flagship store and take a look at the map on the Dave Po know how Max Brenner fire coming to eat are busy no time to wipe your mouth and nouveau riche see eye so fame now Australia will go China dessert first flagship store full according to will eat will be tens of classic European chocolate chocolate pot oven Mini Hot pot of chocolate is a h

Facebook is no longer just a social networking site

e the movie social network was released in 2010,
Facebook has become synonymous with social networking.
The startup,
founded by Mark Zuckerberg,
snatched the title from MySpace in 2008,
and since then,
Facebook's leadership in social networking has been unquestioned.
foreign media reported that there are indications that Facebook has a splendid top.
Not as a media platform,
or as a place for people to surf online,
not as a company,
of course,
but as a real social network,
Facebook may begin to decline.
It is important to make it clear that people are still using Facebook as often as they used to.
According to the latest statistics,
Facebook has 1 billion 600 million active users,
more than 1 billion of whom log in every day,
but fewer and fewer users regard it as a social platform.

Wear the SONY contact lens, and you can turn 007

a spy was taken out.
007 in Bond is able to perform these actions,
in addition to the protagonist aura of blessing,
high-tech equipment support is also essential.
this cool technology equipment,
the future of ordinary people can also be used in real life.
According to Mashable news,
has been quietly black technology SONY recently filed a patent is to allow each person who turned potential.
Information from the exposure point of view,
SONY filed the patent called Contact Lens and Storage Medium (contact lenses and storage medium),
as the name suggests,
SONY intends to small contact lenses play tricks.
According to Sony Alpha Rumors,
the patent is described as blink of an eye,
and the lens captures a photograph that can be stored and sent to a smartphone,
or compute

Pain and happiness, he lost only for Leicester

egend: a city of Leicester fans,
pain and happiness with Gary Lineker in the studio head buried in the arms,
making a strange sobbing,
his face was covered with a smile of joy,
tears across the hard face,
this is a pure Leicester City fans heart reflection -- pain and happiness.
Wait for a championship every day is suffering,
blue fox fans April mood with every Leicester city match ups and downs,
like the comic book Rangers (Roy of the Rovers Roy) plot.
This time last year,
Leicester city has also struggled in the Premier League at the end,
with the relegation team kill fight at outrance,
only 7 points above the relegation zone.
The rings of time rolled a circle,
and now Leicester stands at the top of the premier league.
Over the past 20 years,
the premier stage like a mahjong table,
4 t

Long East back to Shijiazhuang, touted the station photo group, Yongchang fans

back to Shijiazhuang station Yongchang fans touted photo (Figure) Beijing time on May 3rd,
the Shijiazhuang team of foreign aid Yongchang Lonton arrived in Shijiazhuang before long East because of injury in Portugal,
to treatment,
now back,
looking forward to him on the pitch for the fans a wonderful game.
Lonton fit back to Shijiazhuang station Yongchang fans touted photo (Figure) Beijing time on May 3rd,
the Shijiazhuang team of foreign aid Yongchang Lonton arrived in Shijiazhuang before long East because of injury in Portugal,
to treatment,
now back,
looking forward to him on the pitch for the fans a wonderful game.
Lonton fit back to Shijiazhuang station Yongchang fans touted photo (Figure) Beijing time on May 3rd,
the Shijiazhuang team of foreign aid Yongchang Lonton arrived in Shiji

Kaine was upset about Chelsea's celebration of the slot as if they had won the title

t Chelsea,
celebrating the thirty-sixth round of the Premier League competition,
Chelsea home 2-2 draw with Spurs,
after the game,
Chelsea players very excited,
warm celebration.
This scene was the Spurs star Harry - Kaine Tucao,
while Kaine also expressed their congratulations on the Leicester city won the League championship.
In the game against Spurs this morning,
Chelsea was 0-2 behind,
relying on 2 goals from Cahill and Zal to tie the score,
and finally tied 2-2 with tottenham.
After the final whistle,
the Chelsea players were excited to celebrate.
Chelsea felt very difficult game players,
the team behind the 2 ball to tie it,
so began to celebrate.
But in Kaine's eyes,
that's not the case.
He said: Chelsea was the League champion last season,
and I was surprised that a draw

High blood pressure is a bomb, and fuse is it

or Sun Yanwei | guava small iron hypertensive patients are most worried about what? Yes,
the biggest worry is the delicate blood vessel.
hypertension plays a cardiovascular disease trailbreaker role,
clinical practice shows that more than 85% of the patients with hypertension,
in the later will appear serious cardiovascular complications.
Can you think of it? If hypertension is a time bomb,
its fuse is constipation! Sun Yanwei combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine practitioners in Shijiazhuang new pharmacy customer service center of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine professional if hypertension is bomb,
constipation is fuse because hypertensive patients need lifelong medication,
antihypertensive drugs often have side effects which cause constipation